With Kangaroo Spring Bed, we understand the priceless value of quality sleep

As the proud founder & manufacturer of Kangaroo Spring Bed, PT. Anu- grah Karya Aslindo has been long dedicated to the art of quality sleep. Founded in 1998, the company focuses on superior mattress products through the Kangaroo Spring Bed collection. It is the corporate vision to create products that are excellent in design, beneficial in function and competitive in values while also providing unmatched customer service.
During the dynamic course of our business, the company continues to invest in innovations through state of the art technology. Equipped with machine advancements, the company has seen significant progress in terms of efficient production and solid construction. Combined with the best quality materials, all Kangaroo products represent an exceptional standard of quality mattress for the best sleep experience.
To ensure our customers with the utmost comfort and healthy benefits, our spring beds are constructed with Kangaroo’s proprietary foam. Built and continually improved through research by our own team of engineers, the exclusive foam is also combined with Kangaroo’s custom spring coil designs.In addition, all mattress products are produced following the highest- antifungal standards with certified hygiene controls.

Sleep Experience

As a result, each sleeping experience is guaranteed with an original de- sign, full-body support, and confidence of long-lasting, health-giving and mind-comforting benefits only Kangaroo Spring Bed has to offer.
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