International Sleep Products Association

For more than 100 hundred years, ISPA been building a more innovative, helpful and smarter mattress industry. ISPA committed to serving members through public policy, research, public affairs, education initiatives and more in order to create a more valuable future

ISO 9001:2015 Global Certification Indonesia

Quality Management System for Manufacture of Spring Bed and Foam.

Anugrah Wirausaha Indonesia 2017

Anugerah Wirausaha Indonesia (AWI) is a tribute to entrepreneurs in Indonesia for its success in building business and beneficial to the community.

Marketing Awards for two consecutive years 2016-2017 in Corporate Social Responsibility activity

IAC 3UNO 2013

Most 50 Growing Company Excellent.

IAC 3UNO 2015

The Best Favorite Product Highly Recommended of The Year

IAC 3UNO 2015 Top 500 Brand in Indonesia

Sleeping Experience

As a result, each sleeping experience is guaranteed with an original de- sign, full-body support, and confidence of long-lasting, health-giving and mind-comforting benefits only Kangaroo Spring Bed has to offer.